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Newtypes for &[u8], [u8;N] and Vec<u8>.

To support specialised encoding and decoding of byte slices, byte arrays, and vectors which are represented as CBOR bytes instead of arrays of u8s, the types ByteSlice, ByteArray and ByteVec (requires feature “alloc”) are provided. These implement Encode and Decode by translating to and from CBOR bytes.

If the feature “derive” is present, specialised traits EncodeBytes and DecodeBytes are also provided. These are implemented for the aforementioned newtypes as well as for their Option variations and regular &[u8], [u8; N] and Vec<u8>. They enable the direct use of &[u8], [u8; N] and Vec<u8> in types deriving Encode and Decode if used with a #[cbor(with = "minicbor::bytes")] annotation.


Newtype for [u8; N].

Newtype for [u8].

Newtype for Vec<u8>.


Re-export of alloc::borrow::Cow. A clone-on-write smart pointer.


Like Decode but specific for decoding from byte slices.

Like Encode but specific for encoding of byte slices.


Freestanding function calling DecodeBytes::decode_bytes.

Freestanding function calling EncodeBytes::encode_bytes.