pub trait Encode<C> {
    fn encode<W: Write>(
        e: &mut Encoder<W>,
        ctx: &mut C
    ) -> Result<(), Error<W::Error>>; fn is_nil(&self) -> bool { ... } }
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A type that can be encoded to CBOR.

If this type’s CBOR encoding is meant to be decoded by Decode impls derived with minicbor_derive it is advisable to only produce a single CBOR data item. Tagging, maps or arrays can and should be used for multiple values.

Required Methods

Encode a value of this type using the given Encoder.

In addition to the encoder a user provided encoding context is given as another parameter. Most implementations of this trait do not need an encoding context and should be completely generic in the context type. In cases where a context is needed and the Encode impl type is meant to be combined with other types that require a different context type, it is preferrable to constrain the context type variable C with a trait bound instead of fixing the type.

Provided Methods

Is this value of Self a nil value?

This method is primarily used by minicbor-derive.

Some types have a special value to denote the concept of “nothing”, aka nil. An example is the Option type with its None value. This method–if overriden–allows checking if a value is such a special nil value.

NB: A type implementing Encode with an overriden Encode::is_nil method should also override Decode::nil if it implements Decode at all.

Implementations on Foreign Types